Windows 10 is a powerful operating system developed by Microsoft. It has many exiting features. For exploring all the apps in windows 10 may be tedious for some users. But there are the ways to get rid of this situation by create shortcut keys in Windows 10 which is a quite popular ways. Windows shortcut key is the powerful and most efficient way to make your effort simpler. It may be irritating to open or reopen some software frequently. Instead of you can make a shortcut keys to perform many task for your application. In Windows 10 , you have the facility to make shortcut key by two methods : one from start menu of windows 10 and other by using command prompt.

In this article, we are going to demonstrate how to create a shortcut keys in Windows 10.

First Method: How to create a shortcut keys in windows 10 using Start Menu

Step1: Go to the start menu and click on open all apps

Step2: Right click on app ,you want to show as a shortcut on desktop and click on open file location

Step3: Right clicks on shortcut and click on properties

Step4: Click on shortcut key box on your property window

Step5: Enter the shortcut key combination into shortcut key box

Step6:  Click on OK button to save.

Note : Choose the combination with Ctrl+Alt+One Number or letter and be sure that every shortcut key combination must be different for every application.

Second Method: How to create a shortcut keys in windows 10 using command prompt

Step1: Press Windows and R key together to open command prompt.

Step2: Type “explorer shell:AppsFolder” in the command prompt, a new window will appear with all apps.

Step3: Right click on the app to create shortcut on your desktop

Step4. Right Click on the shortcut app and click on properties

Step5: Click on create shortcut key from property windows.

Step6: Write a shortcut key combination with ctrl+shift+a number or letter

Step7: Click on Ok to confirm.

Thus by using these two methods we can create shortcut keys for windows 10 and make easily access to any application.