Office 365:An overview

Office 365 is an advanced version of Microsoft office which provides better security, compatibility and enhanced features from its previous versions. It has mainly three components like exchange, SharePoint server and lync. The main difference is that it is hosted on the cloud.Some of main features of Microsoft Office 365 are mentioned in this article:

Why should we move to Office 365?

It is recommendation by IT experts to move towards Office 365 instead of traditional Microsoft Office. Some of the main benefits of Office 365 over traditional Microsoft office are mentioned below:

Greater Portability

The best feature of Office 365 is that it is cloud based service. Your data is highly secured and user can access this data anywhere on any machine. Users can work together on Office 365.

Highly secured

Another major advantage of moving towards office 365 is that it is audited by experts on clouds to make it safer and secure. They regularly check and enhance security of Office 365. It is also safe from viruses and malwares as experts keep it up to date so no need to concern any viruses or malware can infect your system. Even your physical data also kept safe.

Quick data lose recovery

If unfortunately you data lost, you need not to worry as all your email will be secure in exchange server and your files will remain in SharePoint. You can easily access all your data on any pc by entering your personal credentials.

Cost effective

Microsoft Office cost is higher than its 365 version, as you need to pay monthly subscription cost which also includes many software update, data lose recovery cost, and hardware failure cost to Microsoft office. As Office 365 is hosted on cloud so there is no concern of data lose and regular updates are available to make it safer and secure. Within a short span of time it provides you a good return than its previous versions.

In addition, you also get all latest updates of Office 365 automatically and also receive support around the time. Microsoft Office 365 is compatible with all generation of Microsoft Operating system and provides greatest security to identify user authorization on all devices like laptop, desktop, tablet or Smartphone. Office 365 is not only very simple to user but also offer amazing feature so that user can easily access all files anywhere with fast response and in highly secured environment.