Putting hashtags on your post is the best way to gain popularity and visibility among peoples in the world on any social media platform. The hashtag (#)can be used in many way on different social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, tumblr and many more. In this article, we are going to demonstrate how to get popularity using hashtags on social media platform.

Benefits of Hashtag:

  1. Differentiate between posts on the basis of hashtags
  2. Trace your topics on the basis of hashtags
  3. Keep an eye on the current topics on different social networks

Hashtag is being mandatory for all social media networks because by using Hashtag , you can get more reach across the world and latest trends.

The best way to use Hashtag is to place it in the comment section rather than caption section. As we see, many of the user is using Hashtag on caption section which irritate to users sometimes. You can use the following steps:

Step1: Post an image or video

Step2: Instead of using Hashtag on caption section, put it in the comment section under your post. Many users impress and love to read and comment on the comment section.

Some of the strategy to put your Hashtag for maximum reach are as

Put popular and viral Hashtag on your posted video or image among your friends

Put some special hastags like weekday hastag, today hastag etc. These are very popular on Instagram and many celebrities are using these.

How to get most reach when posted on facebook

The method of using Hashtag on facebook

Put your post on facebook and go to the setting , change visibility as public. Put the popular Hashtag on your post.

The  method of using Hashtag on Twitter

Twitter shows us the trending news all around the world. You can use the discover tab to get know which news is getting popular today. If you will participate in that post then you can easily reach many visitors.

The method of using Hashtag on Tumblr

In tumblr , you can use your Hashtag on the specified area given just after putting your post. Firstly you will put your post and after that you can put hastags in the #tags section just after it. Now you can post your blog or article, it will eventually make your reach most of the audience.